The TIM-01 Universal Timer Module has been designed to provide eight field programmable functions controlling a SPDT relay from 1 second to 99 days. Powered 10Vdc to 28Vdc this unit caters for either positive or negative triggers and incorporates Fail Safe and Fail Secure operation.


One Shot – Applying trigger activates relay for selected time. Trigger input must be removed and reapplied to reactivate. 

One Shot Retriggerable – As for One Shot except where the input is retriggered the timer starts again. 

Strobe Reset – Requires momentary trigger to be applied, relay will activate for preprogrammed time. 

Clutch Relay – Applying trigger voltage causes relay to change state. Remove and reapply trigger forces the relay to change state. No timing function in this mode. 

Programmed Pulse – Applying trigger causes relay to operate for one second at intervals selected on dipswitches. Operation ceases when the trigger is removed. 

Debounce – Applying trigger causes relay to activate for programmed time. Relay remains activated until timeout, regardless of trigger being removed. If input remains triggered after timeout, relay remains activated until trigger is removed. 

Stand Off Timer – Ideal for DOTL alarms. Timing commences when trigger is applied. If  trigger is removed before time out, relay will not activate. If trigger remains after time out, relay will activate. 

Fail Secure – The relay does not change state during power failure. 

Fail Safe – The relay is energised when the trigger is not active. Relay will de-energise, releasing power to the door locks during power failure.

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