Australian Made and Fully Compliant Products

Tactical is a proud Australian manufacturer of quality power supply products designed specifically to suit the challenging needs of the Australian Security Industry.

Our products are designed to operate in the harsh Australian conditions from 0 to 50 degrees without derating or the need of additional fans and heatsinking, we do not have any fine print relating to derating.

All nominated products are designed and manufactured in Australia under ISO9001 quality scheme and meet all regulatory standards as required by Australian law. Our products bare the registered Australian Made Logo as proof of Australian manufacture. See certificate below.

It is a requirement under Australian law for power supply / battery charger products to be tested by an accredited laboratory and meet the relevant standards (electrical safety and EMC, MEPS), The certifier will only issue  and upload a certificate  for the product if all requirements are met in the test report.

As a Responsible Supplier Tactical can only then register the product with regulatory body.

Once the product is registered it is only then allowable under Australian law to attach the Regulatory Compliance Mark RMC and offer the products for sale.

It is an offence to attach / display the RCM mark on non approved products, which attracts hefty fines and products being recalled.

AC power chords,  either standalone or attached to a power supply must also have approval . There are strict requirements to be met with the Australian standards, all cables must include the approval numbers, which will be located on 240V mains plug the end plug including the outer sheath of the cable. “If there are no numbers then it is not approved”

Tactical lists all certificates of compliance and certificate of suitability numbers clearly on each product page.

Please visit the link EESS for a detailed overview outlined by the regulator.  Essential Safety Criteria – EESS

There are significant penalties and fines for selling and installing illegal power products, so next time you buy a power supply ask for the certificate of compliance or certificate or conformity number and check on the regulators website to see if it is really approved. Don’t risk it!

NOTE: CE standard is a European standard and is not recognised in Australia.

Download Tactical’s Australian Made Certificate

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Responsible Supplier and equipment search

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