The RLB8-SPDT-V2 relay board from Tactical Power Products features a strip of eight (8) individual dual buffered, Single Pole / Double Throw (SPDT) Relays which share a common power rail. Each relay is fitted with a 3 way DIL header to select the input voltage either 12Vdc or 24Vdc.When operating from the common power bus all relays must programmed to operate from the same voltage.

If there is a requirement to operate relays for both voltages, this may be achieved by cutting the power rail under the PCB and grouping the relays.

Each relay features a transistor buffered input which may be triggered by any positive DC voltage over 5Vdc to 24Vdc or by 0Vdc. (Inputs are provided for + or – trigger) An onboard LED illuminates when the relay is  activated.

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