The PDM6-1A power distribution module features 10 resettable 1A polyswitch fused outputs, a common fault relay output to signal the failure of individual circuits. This output may be used to drive DVR alarm inputs, security alarm inputs / building management systems or a local sounder / strobe to inform personnel of equipment failure.

Suitable for either 12Vdc or 24Vac (on-board switch), the use of PDM6  minimises the likelihood of a total system shutdown in the event of a short circuit on any one single circuit run.

In the event of a fault arising on any one of the outputs power will be removed for the duration of the fault, once the fault is removed power will be reconnected to the circuit.

Featuring state-of-the-art Surface Mount Technology and 10 individual fused circuits with LED fuse status indication and fitted with 1A fuses.

The installer should assess the current draw of each connected device and fit a alternative fast-blow fuse of appropriate rating to suit that device if any of the channels require more than 1A, whilst not exceeding the rating of the connected power supply.

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