TPS12-2.5DC provides switch-mode regulated 12.4Vdc at up to 2.5 Amps via its primary output channel (to power loads such as voltage sensitive CCTV cameras), with a separate 13.8Vdc 700mA channel to keep your standby battery charged – making TPS12-2.5DC a 3.2A supply.

 In the event of a 240V mains failure, TPS12-2.5DC automatically re-regulates the 13.8V standby battery voltage to 12.4Vdc – ensuring that sensitive equipment is not subjected to higher, potentially damaging voltages.

 Incorporating short circuit and thermal overload protection, TPS12-2.5DC models have been designed, thoroughly tested and comply with  AS\NZ Electrical Safety Standard 60950.1.2015 and EMC standards CISPR 32-2015.

Certificate of Suitability SAA-200277

Equipped with an AC fail relay and Green LED indicator which changes state upon loss of 240V AC mains power, the low battery relay and Red LED indicator are only functional during a mains power failure and will operate when the battery voltage reaches 10.5V.

This supply is designed to operate at full output from 0-50’C without derating and does not require  additional heat-sinks or fans to meet stated specifications, relying only on convection cooling only.


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