The TPS24-3DC is a state-of-the-art switchmode power supply featuring high performance extremely low noise operation, TPS24-3DC provides 24.1Vdc at 3A continuous output with an additional 700mA at 27.6Vdc to charge SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) standby batteries. 

In the event of mains failure, standby battery voltage is clamped to 24Vdc and instantaneously powers the load – particularly useful for powering voltage sensitive devices such as long range proximity card readers and other “true 24Vdc” equipment.

When the mains voltage is restored, batteries are disconnected from the load and recharging commences automatically.

Output short-circuit and overload protection are provided – removal of the fault / short circuit condition  will return the power supply to normal operation ( Auto-Reset ).



The advanced design of the TPS24-3DC provides outstanding performance in the field, whilst maintaining significantly lower operating temperatures.

A removable 10 way connector provides outputs for DC Load, Battery Charger, Mains Fail Relay & Low Voltage / Battery Fail Relay Output.

Equipped with an AC fail relay and Green LED indicator which changes state upon loss of 240V AC mains power, the low battery relay and Red LED indicator are only functional during a mains power failure and will operate when the battery voltage reaches 10.5V. 

This supply is designed to operate at full output from 0-45’C without derating and does not require  additional heat-sinks or fans to meet stated specifications, relying only on convection cooling.


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